Thanks for the birthday love!

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Thanks for the birthday love!

Words cannot express how blessed I am to have wonderful family and friends like you.  From the bottom of my (admittedly, unfortunately) over-stuffed belly, thanks so much for the birthday posts, texts, pics, IGs, emails and phone calls.  And since Facebook won’t let me tag everyone, here’s a list in no particular order (if I missed you, I’m sorry):

Gennie, Amit, Mom, Dad, Uncle Oscar, Harrison, Mike Bel, Deirdre, TwoDollar Cuts, Anthony, Andrew, Adam, Neelofer, Tim, Sylvia, Rudy, Emily, Susan, Taryn, Cynthia, Vanessa, Jessika, Sheila, Michael, Andy, Vu, Czarina, Lindsay, Maureen, Maria, Yoka, Leah, Brittany, Michael Todd, Pilar, Daniel, Sheel, Aigor, Jason, Rachel, Lisa, PJ, Neel, Kanisa, Theresa, Teddy, Moriah, Kat, Henry, George, Becky, Randall, Diane, Lucy, JeffreyandMichelle, Clarissa, James, Ben, rochelle, Frankie, Danny, Laura, Hea, Victoria, Ryan, Ashley, Ravina, Jessica, Courtney, Emily, Jenni, Ashley, Jill, Nicole, Silvia, Dr. Mike, David, Phi, Rene, Donny, Priscilla, Crystal, Nam Giao, Jay, Jacob, Allan, Melanie, Uncle Rene, Josh, Dawn, Lily, Eddie, Katie, Alain, Aileen, Sara, Raley, Christina, Aeisha, Minh, J-Bang, Chris, Carolina, Thomas, Ngan, Casey, Thomas, Maria, Emily, Rudy, Coleman, Jeannie, Johnny, Malaboobs, Kelly, Angie, Laura, Kathleen, Jay, Gwyn, Sam, Jen, Nary, Emily, Nicole, Sharon, Karen, CodyCarissa, Brian, Sonny, JD, Rob, Erica, Jake, Ashley, Tony Q, Bart, Ron, Kristine, Carlos, Sheetal, Meredith, Mr. Myers, Brandi, Kassi, Mere, Beth, Hoedi, Tina, John, Erio, Mikester,  DJ, Jason, Staudt, Adrian, Roxanne, Yvonne, Tony, Tracy, Elsa, Jose, Jamie, Kidd, Heather, Kristie, Nicole, Danny, Kelly, Winger, Faris, Tony, Fadi, Joseph, Ali, Michelle, Unsar, Sherien, Jillian, Ian, Lisa, Pussy, Christina, Alvin, Adriana, Raisa, Uncle Henry, Jana, Joie, Kevin, Alison, Allyson, Whitney, Carolyn, Leo, Alex, Carlo, Gina, EC, Erica Michelle, Ashjoelle, Craig, Krissy, Xerxes, Janice Joy, Tam, Marc, Edita, Allan, Jessica, TJ, Tony, Lago, Paul, Huck, Gayle, Frank and Kristine – perhaps it comes off as insincere posting a bunch of names, but I sincerely thank you.

Maybe it’s a byproduct of getting older, or maybe it’s because I live in Austin – but it’s getting harder and harder to find fun stuff to do that doesn’t involve food (and/or drink).  My friends and I stood around for 30 minutes trying to brainstorm ideas that didn’t involve food.  Here are a few of the pictures from our disjointed adventures – BBQ, ice cream, karaoke, campus walks, other people’s birthdays and college football:

More pics here.

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  1. Mike
    September 11, 2012

    Epic usage of website for hits. HBD again, man. UT won. UTSA won. Good weekend overall.


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